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Prof. Dr. Emine ÖZTÜRK

View Of The Islamic Societies Towards Each Other And Theology And Social Ethics In Ancient Greece (Ephessus Case)

View Of The Islamic Societies Towards Each Other And Theology And Social Ethics In Ancient Greece (Ephessus Case)

The scope of this study is to unearth certain social facts regarding theology and social ethics in Ancient Greece which are misknown by the monotheistics or divine religion believers. These facts regarding Ancient Greece which were not brought into light until now are particularly related to theological and social ethics, as mentioned above. Ancient Greek Society was certainly one of the most intellectually developed societies of the archaic age. It would be sufficient to remember that the History of Philosophy started in the Ancient Greece, to understand that the aforementioned development was far above the development of the other societies. We wanted to make a research regarding the theology and social ethics in Ancient Greece and write out our observations during our trip to Ephesus, because we realized that our society’s perspectives and cognitions regarding Ancient Greece were all wrong. Yet, close observations have always been the best ways of knowledge acquisition. It would be sufficient to see the photographs of Ephesus which will be submitted towards the end of the research, in order to find out that our observations are not groundless. We shall primarily start from the change in the classical historiography, as it was this fact that changed and still changes our standpoint towards Ancient Greece and other ancient civilizations. However, let us mention that the change of histography took place with the start of the Feminist histography. As it is a quite untouched domain, the history of feminism was started to be written with the “Theory of Gynocracy” raised by JJ.Bachofen and Charlotte Perkins Gilman regarding the existence of the history of feminism, which stated the necessity that the history of feminism should be written. Hence, this is a domain which requires further research. Keeping in mind that this is quite an untouched field, let us examine the Feminist Histography and observe to what extent it would contribute to our study. However, prior to the Feminist histography, it would be useful to mention that a historical perspective and methodology was developed which opposed positivist history understanding and considered everything that humanity possessed as materials of history for the observed period. This new methodology claimed that the individual experiences, verbal cultures, diaries, journals, autobiographies, a ring, a picture, a letter, a tape record and everything related to history would be effectively and actively used during the course of any historical research. In addition, criticisms towards the positivist historical approach which appears to be the sole source of subjective historiography and questioning of its understanding of subjectivity take an important place within this new methodology.


Tam Metin: http://isamveri.org/pdfdrg/G00025/2013_1_3/2013_1_3_OZTURKE.pdf


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