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Prof. Dr. Emine ÖZTÜRK

Turkish Family Violence And Women’s Shelters

Turkish Family Violence And Women’s Shelters

Family is a core institution in the society. Relations from society to individual and relations form individuals to society continues by means of family.In this important institution which founds the communication between individuals and society there are many authority struggles as many other institutions. These authority struggles are generally the reason for the family violence against women. There are many researches of which subject is family violence. As these reasearches say there are many reasons at the basic of the family violence such as social, psychological, biological, reasons. But where does the religion stop at the coming to the being of the family violoence? If we ask “What is the role of the religon at this event?” We face to face the relation between the religion and the family violence..In this research it is looked for that if there is a sensitive relaiton between religion and family violence. At the end we arrived two results. One of them is.that religion legitimize the family violonce and the other is that religion comforts the women who had bitten by her husband.


Tam Metin: http://isamveri.org/pdfdrg/G00025/2014_2_1/2014_2_1_OZTURKE.pdf


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