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Prof. Dr. Emine ÖZTÜRK

Kutsal Kitaplardaki Yaratılış Hikâyesini Yeniden Okumak

Kutsal Kitaplardaki Yaratılış Hikâyesini Yeniden Okumak

Re-reading of Genesis Story in Sacred Books

Almost all the celestial-religious texts, especially the Torah and the Bible story of creation that are common to form a case against the woman destined. This is from the cultural feminists, inĚuenced almost all the feminist literature. The main problem, why God is constructed as a male character is locked at the point. Then J. Bachofen’s “Myth, Language and matriarchy,” as well as his work has led to the emergence of matriarchal theories.However, the Quran, from the moment the ęrst landed, and demolished the woman wanted to break down the historical conviction. Now there is an obstacle to God is considered sexually. He is that God is neither male nor female, is that only God is God. That point of view but also at the heart of feminist philosophy to make a critique of the matriarchal theory of creation and re-read the story about all the sacred texts is required. The religious and philosophical texts in context will be re-read the main purpose of this text. The story of creation in the holy books and the matriarchal theory, constitute the roof of both the philosophical and religious perspective, this text aims to bring a new perspective on the subject. Most studies begin with the writings about the history of Women’s matriarchal theory. Born in the same manner we describe here a woman whose reality should we believe or shouldn’t believe the matriarchal theory. In the same way that an administrator or manager of women in society that they are in a period of thought communities manage their periods or the administration thought that they do not work to start telling the subject of periods of matriarchal experts believe it is the right perspective. Before you begin to provide information about how periods of matriarchal emerged brieĚy recall the theory.


Tam Metin: http://isamveri.org/pdfdrg/D201813/2012_I/2012_I_OZTURKE.pdf


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